Dissertation Topics on Culture and Fashion

The relationship that occurs between fashion and culture is both dynamic and intrinsic. Different cultures from all walks of life tend to utilize clothing and attire to add value to relationships, power relations, and the communal hierarchies that are available. For you to write a dissertation on this topic, find one that mirrors these concerns. The topic you select must also shed light on the interests and concerns you have. Here are some we have for you:


Fashion has mirrored changing trends in culture and gets highly attributed to celebrity stature and the music industry. What are icons, and why does society need them in the present? Who are the pioneers of them, and do they possess the responsibility of morality? This subject is close to the younger people of the society. Here are the topics on this:

  • Understanding the icon of fashion
  • The popularity of the sneaker
  • The look of the Beatles and the Sixties
  • The rise and fall of the pop culture of the Eighties
  • The role of plastic surgery on the creation of an icon
  • The rap culture fashion on Eminently Eminem
  • The impact of celebrity culture on high street fashion

History of Topics of Fashion

The history of fashion is the largest to get information on. The use of pictorials to make analysis and comparisons between changing cultures remains the same. It is a rich research subject and has lots of history to select. It has links to the economy, finances, and commercialism. Here are the topics available for this:

  • A study of the fashion of men since 1700
  • The Forgotten trades
  • The 1920’s crazes and liberalism
  • Fashionista during and after World War 2 in the United States and the United Kingdom
  • The fads of the Sixties
  • Fashion streets of the United Kingdom and America
  • The nineties clothing of young people
  • The evolution and growth of Beachwear
  • The history of the costume of the peasants
  • The history of the shoes of women
  • The importance of fashion to Stuarts and Tudors
  • The rise and relevance of Steam Punk
  • The origin and popularity of the English wedding Dress

Clothing, Laxity, and Location

The choice of wear reflects our origin, the social norms we follow, and the kind of leisure activities we get involved in. it is fascinating to touch on such topics. The styles by regions can get compared to the mother country they originate from, like rural and urban wear. Ask yourself; why do we put on specific clothing at certain events, or places, or times? What would happen if we went against such norms? Is it a must we follow the rules, and why? Here are the possible topics on this:

  • Stigmas and traditions of clothing for hunting
  • The history of fur in the world of fashion
  • The importance and power of representation in the case of branding and labeling
  • The impact of sportswear on the contemporary market
  • The presentation of ideas through color
  • The history and popularity of the hat
  • The introduction and rise of the high-heeled shoes
  • The symbols of power in the case of Wigs, tails, and wigs since the 1700s
  • The culture and fashion of Science fiction
  • The influence of celebrities on the face of fashion and the analysis of endorsements of clothing lines
  • The importance of clothing on a tuxedo